Being Human(e)

A few years back I had the opportunity to listen to a lecturer in Tokyo. He was talking about being human vs. being humane. He said that a tadpole will naturally become a frog. It does not have to do anything but exist and it will eventually sprout legs, lose its tail and become a frog. Humans, on the other hand, once born as a baby will not naturally become humane just because we are human. We have to have such traits as love, kindness, compassion, sympathy, empathy and so many others before we can call ourselves humane. According to the lecturer, when we have all of these traits and truly think of others before we act or speak no matter what the situation, then we have attained enlightenment. Or, as Christians, we have become Christ-like. So, how about joining me in taking that first step in becomine humane humans? We can start by simply taking an extra 10 seconds to think before we react when we are angry, or before we act when we are going to do or say something.

Just a thought!

Pastor B

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