You Raise Me Up

On Friday I attended a Selah concert. If you have never seen or heard Selah, you really need to! Some of the songs they sing are “You Raise Me Up”, “You Are My Hiding Place”, and “Amazing Grace”, just to name a few. As they were singing, it occurred to me how much we try to fix ourselves before going to the Lord.

We often forget that before we could see, we were blind, before we were found, we were lost, and before we could stand, we were stuck in the depths of sin. None of these things were a result of our own doing, but rather because God picked us up.

God meets us where we are. If we try to make ourselves more righteous or more loveable before going to Him for help, we will never get there. Instead, we need to let Him help us as we are so that we can rise above our sin and our troubles, giving us a real chance at life and happiness. So, whether we are trying to get somewhere with our businesses, struggling with sin, or just trying to be better people, how about letting Him do what only He can do?

It’s not because we are good that he loves us. It’s not because we are strong that we succeed. It’s not because we are perfect that we rise above what we have to overcome in life. Instad, he takes us just as we are and carries us when we need it – warts and all. That, my friends, is what makes grace so amazing.

Just a thought . . .


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