One of the unfortunate parts of being a pastor is that not only do you have the blessing or “marrying ’em”, but sometimes you also have to “bury ’em”. About one year ago I married a couple at their beautiful condominium in Chicago. Almost a year to the date, the groom fell to his death from his balcony this past Thursday.

Did he fall? Did he jump? We will never know. Perhaps his business was not doing well and the stresses of life got to him. Maybe it really was just a freak accident. Either way, let this be a reminder to us that beyond God’s Word, there is no rule book for life. There is no where that it is written that a man cannot die only a year after getting married and having a two year old son.

Let us all remember to live life one day at a time praising God for our blessings along the way. Love and laugh with your family and friends as if you will not get another day with them – because we never know when that may be the truth.

Please pray for his wife Marta, his son Maximillian, and his family.


First Step Ministries

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