The New Ecumenism?

We have a theology pub that gets together once a month to enjoy good beer or tea (whichever the preference) and talk about theology.  Anyone who comes to the group must have the understanding that we are not proselytizing or criticizing others for their beliefs.  Rather, we are engaging in conversation as respectful people who genuinely want to learn from one another.  Unfortunately, there has been one who could not bring herself to do this and attacked the group for entertaining any other views than her theology.  For the most part though, we have been able to have great discussions with the understanding that we cannot always agree with one another, but we will always respect one another.

We do not have to look far to find areas where a little compassion could go a long way.  Fatherless children, families living on the street, kids without food to eat, and the list goes on.  Who is better equipped than the church to help these people and who has more of a directive to help these people than the church?  I seem to recall Jesus saying something about loving our neighbors, clothing the naked, freedom for the oppressed, and doing for the “least of these”.  Unfortunately, too many pastors are more focused on having the “right” theology than doing what Jesus did.  What would it look like if we just got over ourselves and face the fact that we will never agree on everything, but that’s ok?  What could we accomplish together if we set aside our pride and desire to be right for the sake of doing what Jesus did instead of asserting our ownership over who Jesus was?  Maybe I’m too much of an idealist . . .  What say you?

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