Get a Life

jburkmanIt’s pretty sad.  You may have already heard the news that lobbyist Jack Burkman is drafting legislation that, if passed, will ban gays from the NFL.  We all know that there is no way that it will pass, but it is still disconcerting that someone would use his or her intellect (if there is any) and other resources to get involved in something that is frankly none of their business.

According to Burkman, “We are losing our decency as a nation.”  I couldn’t agree more.  How much indecency does it take to take it upon one’s self to legislate the sexuality or any other facet of a person’s private life?  Burkman says that it is an unthinkable horror to mothers across the nation to have to imagine their sons being forced to shower with gays.  Nice.  How about putting your mouth to better use and teach people to be more accepting of one another.  Then again, you wouldn’t know anything about that – would you?  I’m not generally one to get cynical, but this guy represents exactly what he’s talking about – the loss of our decency as a country.  Let’s start worrying about ourselves before we go out attacking others.


One Response to “Get a Life”

  1. John Lovestrand Says:

    For as long as I can remember, I have been confounded by the notion that an adult person loving another is a bad thing. Whether it be inter-racial, or same gender…a person of age loving another is a good thing. Period. Make that, exclamation point! I am encouraged by the arc of history, especially most recent developments, bending toward not just a more tolerant society — but more than that… an embracing culture, recognizing that all love abides deep in the heart, in equal standing. I sense our current generation of young people feel this, in their bones, and that it will be a non-issue for future generations. Lately when I imagine God, I think Love. The more loving one is, the more God like.

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