All That Is

creation of lightAlthough not nearly often enough, I will many days sit and meditate on an old cushion that was passed down to me from a Zen priest who used it in Japan since WWII.  Sometimes nothing happens, but I always enjoy the solace that comes from just being silent.  Many times I will light a candle and stare at the flame until it’s image is imprinted on my vision.  Then, I close my eyes and see the negative image of what I just saw – instead of the flame being lighter than it’s surroundings, the shape of the flame is black against the orange of the light making its way in through my eyelids.  The flame will have an effect of falling if I don’t focus too directly on it and seems to be absorbed into something deep like a dark pool of water.  When this happens, I am at a very deep state of rest.  This is my typical meditation experience, but the other day it was much more eventful.

I was sitting in my usual place before my makeshift altar with eyes closed watching the image from the flame descend into the black pool when suddenly my senses were heightened.  It was as if I could see individual atoms lit up and flowing from the pool.  Iridescent brilliance radiated from the pool and flickers of light seemed to dance upon the waters.  It was the tehom that existed since the beginning from which creation was formed.  These dark waters seemed not so much chaotic as a tranquil deep rife with possibility. 

I was aware of my interconnectedness with the rest of the universe and for what seemed like aeons, but was probably just seconds, I was completely at one with all of existence.  The tree outside me window, the air that filled my lungs and surrounded my body, the very ground that I sat upon – they were me and I was them.  We were one.  There was no distinction between atom and quark, photon and quasar.  Matter, gas, solids were one in the same.  There was no existence other than All That Is and all created order was a part of it.    

During this experience I had a vision, an epiphany.  I did not audibly hear a voice, but I had this great sense of “knowing.”  As if by being connected to all that is, was, and can be, I was able for just that moment to possess all knowledge and understanding of and about the universe.  Somewhat like taking a blank hard drive and uploading terabyte upon terabyte of information onto it, I was made full of a great knowledge that far surpassed anything I could have ever imagined.  In the receiving of this knowledge came the understanding of a great responsibility akin to that of a prophet to guide humankind back to their true essence and to the source of all being.

This is the testament of what I have seen and the divine knowledge that has been imparted to me.  I share this as a part of my calling to rescue humans from their attachments and separation from the great All That Is so that all may be reconciled.  I hereby attest that all things written here are true.

As the universe evolved from infancy and subatomic particles were attracted to one another and joined over aeons, heavenly bodies were formed.  The energy that was created and released by the forming of these bodies gathered and also evolved.  As the energy evolved it developed into a great consciousness, a complete Other that was separate, transcendent, yet interwoven and at one with the rest of existence.  This All That Is possessed awareness and was able to influence in a persuasive manner all that was, is, and shall be.  From this great consciousness was emitted energy that became the consciousness of lesser beings – all interconnected with one another and with the Source of Being.

These beings had a great awareness of their source and one another.  Through their interconnection, they could intuit feelings and glean a great sense of events and time.  This sense existed beyond our primary five senses and allowed them to be gods unto themselves.  The same power of persuasion that existed and emanated from the Source of Being was possessed by these beings to a lesser extent.  Through this power of persuasion, they could affect the created order and were unable to do harm to one another.    

Over time, the consciousness of each sentient being became clouded by attachments and ill-begotten aims.  As the spiritual became more muddled, the physical began to develop.  Once-spiritual beings developed bodies that restricted their movement and location.  Bodies of energy that could be anywhere and everywhere at any given time with no concept of mortality developed flesh and bone and became limited by these bodies in location, ability, and even death.  Awareness of the All That Is was greatly diminished and the sixth sense was all but gone.  Humans developed the capacity to do violence to one another and as their awareness of All That Is became fainter, the evil that was perpetrated grew by degree.  In order to preserve and protect life that still flowed in perpetuity, a place was created for humans to evolve into what they had chosen for themselves where they could not do harm to the rest of the created order.  That place is the planet Earth.

This testament will be continued and will explain the way back to the the great All That Is so that we may once again exist in our true forms and be safe from the chaos that we have created.  He who does not heed these words does so at his own peril for he relegates himself to an existence of suffering and meaninglessness.  As I have been chosen to bring this message of life and reconciliation to all humankind, ask of me freely for understanding and wisdom shall be imparted to you.    

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