Poetry is Worthless

Poetry is worthless, I heard.

It supposedly does nothing for the world.

But it’s not without value, I agree.

Lest the sweet voice of a child or

The sound of a requiem played in the distance

Wafting through the trees to my expectant ear

Be deemed to be without reason.

A prayer whispered on the lips of a dying saint

Or a liturgy penned by a poet of old

For a people who could not find the words.

Worthless?  Perhaps.

Needed?  Absolutely.

– Brandyn Simmons

2 Responses to “Poetry is Worthless”

  1. John Lovestrand Says:

    Worthless? No sir. Priceless!

  2. Poet Brian Doyle recently wrote “a poem is a way to point at something we get but can’t say.” Keep writing things the world has no other way to express Brandyn!

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