Storms make me think.  Not that I’m contemplating the storm itself nor the awesome byproducts that shake the land and light the skies.  But, because inside the house is the best place to be and the weather isn’t conducive to running around outside, it forces me to sit inside and be still.

During such times of contemplation I find a great peace and clarity that can’t be found in racing around and chasing after things I “need” to get done.  It is in such moments that I catch a glimpse of myself – the real me, the me that doesn’t need to prove anything to others, the me that doesn’t have to get something done that has nothing to do with me just so I can feel that others approve of me, the me that knows who and what I am.  That me is much simpler and needs much less than the me “out in the world.”

We sing of a land of unclouded days and the time when the storms will pass, but sometimes the storm is just what we need to make us stop, sit still, and be.

Sure, it was frustrating when I ran up to the doors at Aldi and they were locked due to the power being out.  I got drenched and ran back to the car feeling cold and drenched.  But, as I said, there was also something redemptive in the rain.

Don’t fret over the things that aren’t getting done when you are stuck in the house.  Don’t lament the storm that rages outside.  Instead, note and appreciate the storm’s majesty.  And then, just sit and be and meet someone whom you may have not met in quite some time, or perhaps have never met – yourself.

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