Cognitive Dissonance

How about taking a break from the hectic week and just sitting down and opening the Bible? Check out Romans 7:14 – 25. Oftentimes we feel that God cannot or will not use us because of something or things that we have done in the past. When we start thinking this way we become complacent and end up doing nothing for ourselves or for His people. Stop and think about this: EVERY person in the Bible who was revered has done plenty wrong! Paul and David were murderers and Paul even spoke out against Christ before being converted. Moses didn’t trust God, Peter denied Christ, Mark gave up and left the ministry for a while and on and on! There is NOTHING that we could have done to be unworthy of doing His work.

In psychology, there is a term called “cognitive dissonance” in which our actions are opposed to what our beliefs are. For example, if we “hate” smoking, but still smoke, that is cognitive dissonance. In Romans 7:14-25 I am always amazed at how like us someone as special as Paul was. “I do the things I do not want to do and cannot do the things I want to.” Please read this passage and take hope in that we are not alone in our struggles to be righteous.

If you read the book of Romans, you will see that it is the “meat” of the New Testament. There is a lot of Christological talk in there, but the main point is that we are “justified” before God because of what Christ did for us. Going forward, we must become “sanctified”, which means we have to be transformed into better people. So, let’s forget about the past, work on the future, and get to work on our lives and helping others have a better life as well!


Pastor B

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