Point of Origin

I was talking the other day to someone about machine fabricating machines (exciting eh?) and we were talking about different parameters and data that tells the machine what to do along an x, y, z axis. When the machine gets out of parameter, the engineer often has to program the machine back to the point of origin so that the machine can reset.

I started thinking about how that was like a person being in a forest with many paths that branch off from one point – a point of origin so to speak. This is like us in our lives. If we are off on one of the paths, or worse, off of the path and trying to figure out where we are and where we should go, we will be totally lost. Until we get back to that point of origin, we can not begin to go or even know how to go where we are supposed to.

Isn’t that like us in life? We often have noble goals to help people as well as to improve ourselves. We often get confused about planning our careers or how to reach our goals. It is like being lost in the forest not knowing where to go. At times like this, we have to get back to our own point of origin – God. We have to go back to Him and seek what he wants us to do. Then, everything becomes amazingly clear! Believe me, I have done this many times wondering why something that was noble was not working out. It was because no matter how good it was, it was not His will, it was mine.

Trust me, if we go back to our point of origin and start doing what He wants us to do we won’t be dissapointed! Our stress will disappear and we will know in our hearts that we are on the right path with Him beside us. What a great and refreshing place to be!


Pastor B

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