As we head into the Christmas season, although it should be a time of thanksgiving and joy, this season often marks the onset of the “holiday blues”. We tend to start comparing ourselves to others by our ability to buy nice gifts for our spouses and children. Keeping good with the “keeping up with the Jones’s” style, we feel down because we do not do as well as our neighbors and also are upset with our companies for not allowing us to do better.

I read an article about happiness in Business Week last week which talked about the correlation between being happy at home and being happy at work. There is a direct correlation because the person experiencing the emotion is one and the same – US! We are the ones who decide if we are happy and choose how to react to our surroundings – or to change them. If we do not like the situation we are in such as how much we are paid our what we have achieved, WE are the only ones with the power to change it. So, as we head into the new year, let’s make some real goals on how to improve our lives and our attitudes and then actually make those dreams a reality.

Pastor B

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