New Years Resolutions

So, here we are almost a month into another year and how are we doing so far? Have we started to do any of the things that we have set out to do through our resolutions? Or, on the contrary, are they still sitting on the top shelf collecting dust as they do every year at this time?

Every year, we get excited and set plenty of lofty goals just brimming to get into the new year and make a fresh start. We look forward to the success and the self-improvement that we will realize in the turning point in our lives. However, right around January 15th, we realize that things aren’t any different and the reality sets in of how much work is required to attain these goals. We may even wonder why we haven’t just magically made progress. I know I sometimes do! Then, I remember that I have to work toward my goals to see them to fruition.

God has given us talents and gifts to use to achieve those goals and so much more, but we have to USE THEM! He usually will not do things for us, but rather will equip us to do them ourselves. After all, if we do not have to work for them, what do we learn in life? We must believe that with these gifts we can do what we need to in order to achieve our goals. It is as Henry Ford said, “If you think you can or if you think you can’t, you’re right either way.”

So, we ask, where do we start? Our plans and goals are so far and seemingly out of reach, that we often give up only to resurrect them during the next New Year. Well, how about this – rather than going for the gold all at once, let’s set small attainable tasks that lead up to the achievement of the final prize? In other words, let’s save $1000 $3 at a time rather than trying to find the whole amount laying around somewhere. This way, as we achieve our smaller tasks we will have a sense of achievement which will motivate us to move forward. We will also have a visual and measurable scale to see how close we are getting to where we want to be.

Finally, let’s imagine ourselves where we want to be and live like that is the person that we are. As Dr. Paul Homoly preaches – “Make all decisions based on the person you want to become, rather than on your present situation.” I think it makes sense, don’t you?


Pastor B

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