Faith Like A Child

Last night I was watching a number of country stars singing old hymns and gospel songs at the Grand Old Opry. It was truly a moving thing to see and hear. At some point, one of the songs reminded me of something – the fact that we are so helpless without God. When things are going well, it is easier for us to think that we can go it alone without His help. We couldn’t be more wrong.

How amazing would it be to see things through His eyes? It would certainly in many ways be scary and a little more than we could handle, but it would sure help us to understand a lot. The best example I could think of was when I tell my sons not to do something because it will cause harm to them. Why can’t they sit so close to the TV? Why can’t they touch the hot pan on the stove? Why can’t they go out by themselves and play with their friends until dark? Why can’t they sit in the front seat of the car?

There are so many things that God wants us to do and doesn’t want us to do to avoid harm to ourselves, but like our kids can’t see the why in what we say, we often can’t see the why in His will. Sometimes we just have to accept that our human minds can’t grasp His will and just accept it.

Just a thought . . .

Pastor B

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