I Wonder as I Wander

Journeys are important; both the outward ones and the inward ones.

I am coming off of the Lenten journey which was an inward journey to begin my sabbatical journey which is both.  I want it to be a meaningful trek toward beauty with those that I care for as well as an odyssey toward the immortal diamond that awaits within and gets ever brighter with each inward step.

I need this to be as intentional as it can be as I sit in monasteries of various faiths in silence, with the chant of psalms on my lips, or with the echoes of The Hymn of the Cherubim in acoustic reverence – be it from the sound of speakers or the lips of actual angels.

I need it to be genuine as I hike mile after mile never failing to be in awe of the vistas that lay before me in their natural splendor or of the person grasping my hand next to me.

I need to go as deep as possible into my inner well when bringing pen to paper or fingers to keyboard as I write my way across the internal abyss toward my true self.

To do these things I have to stay present and aware in each moment.  I have recently found that there is a question that helps me to achieve this sometimes elusive task: What am I curious about right now?  I often say that questions create an immediate shift and this one brings me back to center and present.

I can recall hearing Philip Yancey say at the Princeton Writer’s Workshop that most writers are writing to a question and they only sometimes get to an answer.  That’s the beauty of living in the mystery.  I don’t need to find the answer, but at least having a question makes me take the first step on the journey because, after all, every journey begins with a single step.

So, whether it be in the spirit of John Niles or Langston Hughes, I will “wonder as I wander” and remain fully aware of the effulgence that is beaming around me, next to me, and within me. 

2 Responses to “I Wonder as I Wander”

  1. jon shimabukuro Says:

    Nice to see you back sharing here Pastor B. Can’t wait to hear about your journey

  2. JohnELove Says:

    To wonder aloud
    To wander unbound

    To question without answer
    To query within mystery

    To seek and not find
    To sow and not bind

    To be curious
    To be mysterious

    To journey through
    To travel true



    Too clean



    Too neat

    Then vs now?
    Now vs next??


    Too soon
    Too little
    Too late
    Too long

    Perhaps we’re so
    Perchance we’re both

    True and False

    Not separate
    But together

    Blended and muddled
    Mixed and befuddled

    Not distinct
    But intact

    All of it
    All of us
    All on display
    All in one day


    I wonder…

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